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03/06/2010 08:32:04 report this post | ground rules
On with more on the daft eating regimes. How many of you remember the Energen Rolls, Limmits, AYDS, and Slimcea bread? Mind you, Slimcea bread wasn’t as bad as the rest imo.

Energen rolls (must confess I quite liked them!) were like hard crusty balls of air and cotton wool, eaten instead of bread. As I remember, if you put a knife anywhere near them they just exploded. Maybe that was the idea? They split into so many pieces that it was impossible actually to eat a whole one. These weren’t actually a DAFT idea I don’t think, just not particularly nice to eat.

Slimcea bread. Again, not really a DAFT idea, as you were simply intended to substitute one slice of Slimcea for one slice of “normal” bread, so you were still eating bread, just lighter bread with less calories. The Slimcea bread was smaller than a normal slice as well. Modern low point “light” breads certainly taste a lot better than the original Slimcea did. Now for a silly story! Mr. Manmar’s lovely Nan decided she needed to lose weight so she started to eat the Slimcea bread. BUT, she had twice as many slices of Slimcea as she would have had “normal” bread, then wondered why it wasn’t working! She couldn’t see that she was using MORE butter or margarine than she would have done normally bless her!

Limmits. These were meal substitutes, I think about the first ones on the market and might well count as the first of the rather dangerous Very Low Calorie Diets (VCLD’s). There were different flavour “cream” filled biscuits and I seem to remember that you substituted two biscuits and a drink of water for a meal. I can’t remember now whether you did that for three meals per day, or two meals and a normal meal. Perhaps someone out there can remember? Anyway, the biscuits were also pretty foul tasting and of course this regime did absolutely nothing to re-educate you into eating sensibly.

More tomorrow.
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03/06/2010 08:53:03 report this post | ground rules
Hi Chris,
I remember all those and have tried most of them Thank goodness for Weight Watchers. For me it is the only thing that works.
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03/06/2010 08:57:41 report this post | ground rules
Morning Chris, I remember all of those, the limmits were instead of all ar some of your meals, I used to do that, they were pretty horrible but did seem to work! Have a good day
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03/06/2010 09:03:35 report this post | ground rules
I used to like those Energen Rolls, never tried the others
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03/06/2010 09:06:44 report this post | ground rules
Morning Chris I too remember all of those. What a load of rubish when you think about it. Much prefer the WW way.
We must have been crazy in those days or desparate.
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03/06/2010 10:39:42 report this post | ground rules
yes Chris i remember them all! my Mam used to slather butter on the nergen rolls on all the bits that were left when you cut into them!

A past colleague of mine when 1 cal lemonade first came out used to bring loads of bottles to work with her trdemark thick doorstep sandwiches in the belief having the 1 cal would help her lose weight ..LOL!

love Denise xx
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03/06/2010 10:54:47 report this post | ground rules
I remember energen rolls-I think they were probably made of polystyrene!
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03/06/2010 13:34:36 report this post | ground rules
I remember having the AYDS, they were like fudge so I eat the whole packet!! You were supposed to eat one with a glass of water before a meal to 'fill you up'.
Susie xx
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03/06/2010 13:54:54 report this post | ground rules
I remember most of those but only tried the energen rolls and AYDS for a short period. Healthy eating regime is far preferable.
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03/06/2010 18:44:39 report this post | ground rules
Not only do I remember them I also tried them all, and they were all equally disgusting, must have been mad, or like Glenis said, desperate, thank goodness for WW.
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