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Weight Watchers in a nutshell

With 50 years of success behind us we understand how to make losing weight simple, delicious and fun; but we also understand how challenging it can be when you’re facing it alone. Join us to lose weight, feel fantastic and achieve great things.

You can follow our healthy eating plan completely online with support from our unique community, or benefit from attending our lively meetings, for personal coaching and weight loss guidance.

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    No food is off limits with Weight Watchers ProPoints weight loss system.

    You can enjoy every day favourites like pasta and jacket potatoes, plus yummy fruits and tasty vegetables. We also encourage you to still eat your favourite treats, like cheese and chocolate, but we promise to show you how to do this while losing weight at the same time.
    You should know that we love food and we like to keep things simple. When you follow Weight Watchers you’ll enjoy delicious and nutritious meals. Plus, healthy platefuls to keep you feeling full and satisfied.

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      Our Meetings

      Our meetings

      Meetings are a wonderful place to learn golden nuggets of information on how to lose weight successfully. On your first visit we’ll discreetly record your starting weight and then invite you to join us for a 20 minute talk. Here is where our Weight Watchers expert will share top tips for following our plan and you can hear from other members living the plan. They’re fun and informal places, at times and locations to suit you.

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        Simple Start

        Go digital!

        If you’re thinking “meetings won’t work for me”, that’s not a problem. You can always follow our plan completely online and benefit from our Weight Watchers community; online videos, recipes, meal plans and lots more.

        You’ll have access to our proven plan via our member’s website, apps, videos, recipes, meal plans and receive support through our thriving online community – that’s on our website and through our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube channels, too.

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            One more thing

            Did you know we’ve successfully helped millions of people across the globe lose weight since 1963?

            Lots of us have a good idea of what foods we should eat to stay slim and appreciate the role of activity, but when you’re on your own it can feel like a complete minefield – where do you start? What do you do first?

            That’s why so many people come to Weight Watchers; we have the expertise and the experience to really help you lose weight. Together, we’ll take small steps that will lead to great weight losses.

            Plus, we’re full of real people – that includes real people who have lived our programme and seen great results, real nutritionists who are passionate about good food and real experts who understand the challenges of losing weight alone. We’re more than a standalone app or a food calorie database, and we’re with you all the way; at the start of your journey, if you need some extra help, and at the end when you want to maintain your new healthy weight.

              womanRebecca loves her family’s new healthier lifestyle
              womanDorothy stayed on plan with Weight Watchers online
              manIt’s just so easy – it fits into your life so well!
              Woman smiling, before and after losing weight
              wife and mum
              from Leeds,
              lost 28lbs in 36 weeks

              Rebecca loves her family’s new healthier lifestyle

              “You meet like-minded people who are going through the same weight loss issues. Whether 2 pounds, 2 stone or 15 stone to lose, we were all going through the same thing.”

              Rebecca Bailey lost 2 stone with Weight Watchers and credits her local meetings with helping her achieve weight loss success. “The classes were essential to me losing the weight. My leader, Angela, was very inspirational to me. I remember her words to me when I first got on the scale; she said ‘that’s the last time you’ll be this weight’. And she was right.”

              “Over the years the weight had slowly crept on. I didn’t buy any new clothes because I had convinced myself that I could still fit into my old ones. I said to my husband Nick that I was going to join Weight Watchers and he simply said ‘got for it’.”

              Having the support of her family was important to Rebecca, but it was also essential that her weight loss journey would fit in with her family life. “I’ve got two young children and a husband; Weight Watchers enabled me to still do what I needed to do for me without restricting them.”

              As the weight fell off, other people started to notice the changes in Rebecca.
              “A friend of mine moved to Ibiza before I reached my goal weight.
              We were chatting on the internet (on video) and she hadn’t seen me in six months.
              She just said ‘wow’.”

              "When someone who hasn’t seen you in such a while sees you
              and says ‘wow’ – little things like that mean a lot"
              *People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.close
              Smiling woman before and after weight loss
              mum from
              lost 33lbs in 25 weeks

              Dorothy stayed on plan with Weight Watchers Online

              “I couldn’t have done it without the app. It was like my little weight loss guru”

              Dorothy enjoys her job working in a busy hospital but she was finding it increasingly difficult to end the day on a smile. “I would come home at the end of the day and my feet would ache. I wouldn’t be able to sleep because my feet and knees would ache so much from carrying around excess weight.”

              Dorothy joined Weight Watchers in April 2013 and decided that online membership was the best choice for her. “I’m a private person – it was about me and my weight. I felt very much in control of the process.”

              Part of Dorothy’s 2st 5lb weight loss success was down to the Weight Watchers app, which allowed her to track her progress throughout each day. “I couldn’t have done it without the app. I could use it at home or on my work computer; at any point in the day. It was like my little weight loss guru in my pocket.”

              As a mother of two teenage daughters, Dorothy knows how important it is to make being healthy a part of your lifestyle and she feels Weight Watchers has had a positive impact. “I’ve talked to them about respecting your body and not eating junk.
              I think they’re more mindful of what they eat or don’t eat because I am.”

              “I now have more energy; I feel comfortable and my feet don’t ache.
              I can wear my heels for most of the day and it’s OK.”
              *People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.close
              Smiling sister after losing weight
              from Hull,
              lost 29lbs in 23 weeks

              Sharon loves her renewed energy for life!

              Sharon Hall decided to start Weight Watchers in order to feel a little better about herself. “For me personally I think having my daughter was a turning point. I was sick of waking up in the morning feeling lousy about myself and not wanting to do much.” So she decided to do something about it.

              Having seen an advert for Weight Watchers, Sharon called upon her sister Tracy to join her in her weight loss quest. “I called Tracy and said I’d made a decision and was starting Weight Watchers. She immediately said she would come with me”.

              “We walked to the meetings together, it was perfect. It was our weekly morning together.”

              At the Weight Watchers meetings, Sharon was pleased with how welcoming everybody was. “The people who weigh you are always so friendly. You never feel embarrassed – you just warm to them. Physically standing on the scales in front of a person spurred me on.”

              “I even used to take my baby along with me to meetings; I never felt like I couldn’t.”

              There were a number of ways in which the sisters would help each other during their weight loss journey. “Tracy and I would often cook Weight Watchers recipes for each other – I would make certain recipes and tell Tracy ‘that is 8 points’ and she would take it home with her. Even when out shopping, if one of us found a food that was low in points, we would tell the other about it.”

              Since losing the weight, Sharon finds it nice to hear compliments from others. “I used to teach a young local boy and I saw his grandma recently. She said that she sees me every week and I’m getting slimmer and slimmer, which is brilliant.”
              Weight Watchers has clearly worked for Sharon and her sister.
              “Two years later, we’re still at our goal weights, still maintaining by sticking
              to the Weight Watchers plan. It’s just so easy – it fits into your life so well!”
              *People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.close

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