Weight Watchers Meetings

Join a local meeting for guidance from a Leader who has lived the plan and get started with Weight Watchers today!

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Weight Watchers meeting

See how Weight Watchers meetings can help you take your first step to weight loss success

Weight Watchers Meetings

Join us where it all started.
Our meetings are our heritage, starting in 1962 in Jean Neiditch’s living room and still going strong
today. The group support that you will get from a weekly meeting will make losing weight simpler
than you could ever imagine.

Use our meeting finder to find a meeting on a day and at a time that will suit you best and bring the coupon
below with you.

What you’ll get in a Weight Watchers meeting

Our proven ProPoints plan
The ProPoints plan makes it really simple to know what to eat and how much to eat, all while still
enjoying the foods you love. So no matter how you like to eat – gluten free, Mediterranean style,
higher carb – the ProPoints plan is here to help you.

One-to-one advice from a trained Weight Watchers Leader
Our Leaders have all lost weight following the plan so know exactly what you are going through.
They’ll be with you every step of the way, giving you as much guidance and motivation as you need,
as well as helping you personalise the plan so that it works perfectly for you and your lifestyle.
Two successful Members who lost weight with Weight Watchers
Group support
Get support and encouragement from those who are facing
exactly the same challenges as you, as well as picking up tips
and strategies to keep you going. There is nothing like sharing
your journey with those around you for real motivation.

Private weigh-in
Each week you’ll be weighed - it’s a great way to stay
accountable and see how the plan is working for you. This is
between you and your Leader and will remain private.

Weekly meeting talk
Every week your Leader will give a fun and informative talk,
focusing on a particular area that will help you on your
weight loss journey.

Plus if you join as a Monthly Pass member you’ll get all of this:

  • NEW! Expert Chat 24/7 real-time support from our trained experts, who have all followed
    the plan and lost weight with us. Get instant answers and motivation no matter what time of
    day (or night) it is.
  • Digital tools and mobile app have the plan at your fingertips with access to all of our
    online tools and our super-easy-to-use app.
  • A community of support get loads of tips, support and motivation from other people who
    are losing weight, just like you.
  • Comprehensive video series – these great little videos will help on your journey and give you
    lots of tips about activity and living the plan.
  • Seamless activity tracking – easily track your activity by syncing your favourite device, like a
    Fitbit, to your Weight Watchers account.
  • Recipes and meal plans
  • Weekly support emails
♦Subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of the plan at the standard monthly rate (£21.45) until you cancel.

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