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See how Weight Watchers meetings can help you take your first step to weight loss success

Weight Watchers Meetings

Open, Friendly. Welcoming. A place to share... Find out what else our members love about our meetings.

Support is key to weight loss success

Confidential and motivating

Every Weight Watchers Leader knows what it’s like to follow the Weight Watchers plan and lose weight. And they’re passionate about helping you do it too. After each week’s confidential weigh in they’ll support you through your success and challenges and motivate you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Two successful Members who lost weight with Weight Watchers

Supportive and fun

Get guidance from a Leader who's lost weight with Weight Watchers, and encouragement from members just like you, while you discover weight-loss strategies in a fun, interactive and informative weekly Weight Watchers meeting.

Your Leader will start the meeting with an introduction to the week’s topic, and get a group discussion going. Lots of members really love the discussion; it’s a great way to gather insights and offer your own. You don’t have to say anything, though! Even the quietest members walk away with the strength, drive and motivation to succeed.


Fits Your Life

With the Weight Watchers plan, we get you off to a really simple start by focusing you on delicious, everyday foods - without the need to count or portion control them. This is Simple Start - your first, easy step into our unique ProPoints system.

Once you feel at-home with these satisfying and healthy foods - and you've enjoyed your first taste of success at the scales - we'll then introduce you to the full flexibility of the ProPoints system. It's been designed with real-life in mind and gives you the freedom to eat what you enjoy as you lose weight.

Simple Start

Anytime, Anywhere

Weight Watchers members website is an online subscription website exclusively available to Weight Watchers meetings members. It keeps you connected to your weight loss, wherever you are with a range of easy-to-use online weight loss tools and two free mobile Apps** - one designed exclusively for Simple Start, the other to provide you with everything ProPoints values. They're like your little pocket-motivators!

Best of all you get access to the members website when you purchase your Monthy Pass membership.

*Rebecca lost 28lbs in 36 weeks, weight loss results may vary

**Weight Watchers Mobile Apps are available on select devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android

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