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See how Weight Watchers meetings can help you take your first step to weight loss success

Weight Watchers Meetings

Open. Friendly. Welcoming. A place to share... Find out what else our members love about our meetings.

Support is key to weight loss success

Our Meetings

Our meetings are fun and informal places to learn golden nuggets of information on how to lose weight successfully. You can share (if you want to) your tips, how you're getting on your weight loss journey and even shout about your success.

Use our meeting finder to find a day and time that will suit you then, when you’re ready, simply pop in at that time. There’s no need to call ahead or anything like that.

Two successful Members who lost weight with Weight Watchers

What happens in a meeting?

You’ll receive a warm welcome when you arrive and, so that we can help you monitor your successful weight loss, we’ll ask you to step on our scales. All of this is discreet and only you and your Leader (that’s our Weight Watchers expert who will guide you through the plan) will see your weight.
After this, you can browse our Weight Watchers shop and take part in a talk that will really boost your weight loss motivation. Each week our Leaders will focus on a particular area that can help you lose weight in everyday situations. It’s also a great place to pick up advice from fellow members, as everyone can chip in and share their experiences – but only if you want to. We’ll never make you participate and you’re more than welcome to simply listen.

Why meetings work so amazingly well

  • Group support makes losing weight simpler than you could ever imagine.
  • One to one advice from a trained Weight Watchers Leader is available whenever you need it. Our leaders have lived the plan and know exactly what it’s like to lose weight with us, plus they have tons of knowledge on how to personalise our plan so that it works perfectly for you and your lifestyle.
  • Enjoy meeting other members and learning from their weight loss experiences.
  • Meetings are a wonderful place to celebrate your success and, if you ever feel stuck, a friendly place to ask for extra help and advice.
  • Wherever we can make losing weight easier we will, which is why you can find many of our foods, books and gadgets in your meeting.
♦Subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of the plan at the standard monthly rate (£21.45) until you cancel.

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