Weight Watchers Meetings
Watch yourself change

It’s that great feeling of achievement – you’re who you want to be. And you can rightly be proud of what you have achieved.

Once you reach your goal weight attending meetings, your leader will award you with your Gold membership. Not only will you receive your Gold key and Gold card, but you can also enjoy the long term benefits of being a Weight Watchers Gold member.You'll be able to attend meetings free of charge and you're welcome to come along as often as you like.

In reaching your goal weight you'll have discovered what works best for you. With the maintenance book,'Future proof your life', you'll discover how to continue to make wise food choices and how to incorporate new healthy habits into your lifestyle by making them part of your everyday routine, achieving a balance which promises long term weight control. You can also discover the secrets of staying motivated long after the thrill of reaching goal has faded.

Your Weight Watchers leader will always be there to offer you the encouragement you need so that you can stay on track and take control of your own goals for good.

Gold membership is only available to meetings members and does not include our online fee-based products including Weight Watchers eSource or Weight Watchers Online.

And remember, meetings are free providing you weigh-in 5 times a year and you don't exceed your Goal Weight by more than 5lb.

Weight Watchers Meetings
Weekly motivation and inspiration
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