A simple, new approach to weight loss

Ever tried to lose weight and failed? You’re not alone. At Weight Watchers, we’ve helped millions of people around the world who’ve struggled - just like you - to control their weight in a world where temptation is everywhere you turn. It’s no surprise you can end up feeling like there’s little chance of success.

But here’s where the good news starts. We know exactly what it takes to achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss. And the even better news? There’s a new approach at Weight Watchers that’s simpler than ever before.

You don’t have to take our word for it – see what our celebrity ambassador Patsy Kensit has to say about her weight loss journey with Weight Watchers here.

Here’s how it works:

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The Plan

Our ProPoints® plan is tried, tested and has been proved to really work. It’s a simple, flexible counting system that allows you to eat what you like, when you like, until you reach your daily ProPoints total. The ProPoints plan guides you to healthy and sustainable weight loss – but it’s realistic, too, so you can keep treats and nights out firmly on the menu. Hear what our success story Emma G has to say about making ProPoints plan work for you and find out more about ProPoints plan here.

Our New Approach

New science reveals that today’s overloaded food environment is one of the most important reasons we tend to over-eat: it’s not all about lack of willpower! That's why we've used emerging body of research to develop a simple three-step new approach to the ProPoints plan that will put you in control of your surroundings.

Our three step approach:

  • Tracking
    Evidence shows that keeping tabs on your food, weight and physical activity is one of the most important weight loss skills. You’ll learn simple ways to track your daily diet and exercise habits and make changes for the better.
  • Places
    When it comes to weight loss, some places are danger zones. Think of the confectionery aisle at the supermarket, for example. We’ll help you identify and tackle your personal danger zones·
  • Routines
    Healthy habits can become second nature with our set of tried and tested routines that help you achieve long-term weight loss
Our weight loss toolkit

With our comprehensive range of tools, tactics and services, you can create a personal weight loss toolkit to suit you, wherever and whenever you need us. Our toolkit includes delicious Weight Watchers foods; motivating weekly meetings, excellent eSource to help you on every step of your weight loss journey, a brilliant app to help you track your success and so much more as our successful members have already discovered.

So what are you waiting for?

Two ways to sign up
We know that everyone is different. That’s why we’ve developed two ways to join Weight Watchers and follow the new approach to our ProPoints plan:

  • Weight Watchers meetings – Join our meetings, and you’ll have weekly support of chatting to like-minded people .Click here to find out more.
  • Weight Watchers online – if you’re super busy, online membership may be the way forward for you. You can follow the ProPoints plan completely online Click here to find out more.

Join a meeting today for invaluable support and motivation.

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†Ngyyen V et al (2007) Obesity 15 (95): A221. Weight Watchers eSource - free with Monthly Pass or by subscription.