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Weight Watchers Online

Weight Watchers Online

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We love our meetings (yes, we’re a little biased), but we do understand that attending a meeting doesn’t suit everyone’s lifestyle, which is why you can follow our successful plan completely online. With our digital tools we know that we can help you eat better forever, improve your overall health and lose weight successfully.

When you become an online member, you’ll have access to our easy to follow guides, hundreds of healthy recipes, shopping lists and meal plans, so that you know exactly how and what to eat for great weight loss. You’ll also be able to use our handy apps that allow you to stay on track with your weight loss while you’re on the go plus you can connect to an expert for instant online advice & support.

Connect to an Expert

  • On-demand support from the Weight Watchers team
  • Online and mobile chat
  • Get instant answers and advice, 8am – 8pm
  • Motivation whenever you need it

Online members success

Through our special members site, you will also find inspiring success stories from Weight Watchers members who have achieved their goals and loads of helpful tips and tactics. Every week we’ll send you our latest tips, advice and recipes via email to help support you in your weight loss journey.

If you ever wanted to, you can participate in the online community for a little more of a personal touch too, as it’s a great place to ask questions and read how other members are getting along with their weight loss. In our thriving online community you can chat with other members via our message boards, create or join a challenge to keep you motivated along your journey and start up your own blog!

Here’s how we promise to support you online

  • Easy to follow guides on how our plan works and what to eat
  • Hundreds of recipes and meal ideas at your fingertips, to make it really simple for you to lose weight
  • Handy mobile apps to use that make tracking your daily food choices, activity and weight easy peasey – and fun
  • Ability to connect your activity device to your Weight Watchers account
  • Read inspirational real life weight loss success and informative articles every week
  • Regularly receive tips, advice and healthy food ideas straight into your inbox

Activity devices

Being less sedentary and more active it's really important for successful weight loss. Doing so helps you to improve your overall health, burn more calories and earn something we call activity ProPoints values (we'll explain more about these when you become a member).

If you already have an activity monitor – a device you wear that calculates your movement throughout the day – you can now sync it up with your Weight Watchers account so all your activity and weight loss progress is captured in the same Weight Watchers space. This makes it really easy to keep to follow our proven plan and enjoy weight loss success1.

Weight Watchers Mobile App

Using our app makes it so simple and fun to make the right food choices when you’re out and about (or relaxing at home). It’s packed with so many features, we’re finding it a little tricky to summarise!

The Weight Watchers app** allows you to track your daily food and drink choices, plus any activity you’ve accomplished. You can also view your weight loss progress and our plan guides, for support on the go. For a daily dose of inspiration, you can view delicious recipes, motivational stories from other members and get top tips for how to succeed with Weight Watchers.
Your Plan. Your way

Weight Watchers your way

You can adapt the plan to suit your needs - what you eat and your activity - so that it really works for you.

No foods are off limits with Weight Watchers. None. You'll go on eating what you love, and discover healthy strategies whilst sticking to your ProPoints allowance.

Plus, each week on the members website you'll see articles, inspiration and tips to help guide you through your weight loss.

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♦Subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of the plan at the standard monthly rate (£12.95 for the Online plan and £21.45 for Monthly Pass) until you cancel
1Activity devices that connect are Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, Omron, Garmin and Misfit.
** Weight Watchers mobile Apps are available on select devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android

†According to research agency GfK NOP based on Research Panel data ending January 2013. Results are based on the volume of consumers following a subscription based online plan. 38% follow the Weight Watchers Online plan, compared to 20% on the nearest rival plan.

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