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Rachel Makes a Splash!

Rachel After
Rachel Before Before
Name Rachel
Age 32
Height 5'4"
Was 15 st 5 lb
Lost   5 st 0 lb
Weight 10 st 5 lb
As of 19/09/2006


Rachel lost weight with a previous version of the Weight Watchers plan

Full-time mum Rachel was unhappy and decided to take the matter into her own hands!

Family-friendly Plan
This was the first diet that Rachel had ever tried, and the main reason she went for it was that she could actually see that - from a practical point of view - it was realistic. There were no exclusions, special meals or diet shakes. She simply had to follow the Plan. “The best thing about the Plan,” says Rachel “was that it fitted in perfectly with family life. I was able to cook one meal for us all and, in fact, we all benefited from it! I couldn’t have done it if it had meant that I’d had to cook separate meals for myself.”

Back to Work
Feeling and looking good gave Rachel the confidence to apply for a job and get it! She now works in a school and loves it. “I would never have had the courage to apply if I hadn’t lost the weight. I love my job and get plenty of exercise there, because rather than calling or emailing colleagues I walk to where ever they are!” she says. And to keep on top of things, Rachel wears her pedometer and brings her own lunch to work.

Making a Splash
Exercise played a big part in Rachel’s journey and has become a permanent fixture in her life. She attends ‘Aquafit’ lessons regularly and loves them because they are such an enjoyable way of getting fit. “Exercising in water is a great way to tone up, as water has greater resistance than air, so you need to work that much harder than you would at a normal aerobics class. I also felt more comfortable in the water when I started exercising, as I was very self conscious and didn’t feel as exposed” she says. “I grew more and more confident as I lost the weight and began to exercise to tone up.” Today, walking the dog and going orienteering are also enjoyable activities for Rachel. “My husband loves going orienteering, and I used to go along to keep him company but stay in the car” she says. But today, she most definitely leads the way!

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