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Vicky After
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Name Vicky
Age 33
Height 5'6"
Was 10 st 12 lb
Lost   1 st 7 lb
Weight 9 st 5 lb
As of 12/07/2010


Vicky lost weight with a previous version of the Weight Watchers plan.

Vicky had always been thin until she became a mum. She was almost a size 16 and couldn’t bear going back to work looking so much bigger. So she joined Weight Watchers Online!

Getting into Shape
Vicky was feeling fat and unattractive. She had heard of Weight Watchers and even had some of the literature, so she decided to join Online and embark on her successful weight loss journey.

"I felt like an old mum, tired and unfit. I wanted to be a yummy mummy and wear stylish trendy feminine clothes, and now I can!" says Vicky.

Before joining, Vicky tried following Weight Watchers on her own, but realised that breaking old habits with no support system in place was hard. She used to cook too much for her children, and would eat the leftovers. Then, her husband would bring home a takeaway because she was either too tired or too lazy to cook, after which she could easily munch through a packet of giant chocolate buttons.

"My diet would always start tomorrow," says Vicky, "but it never did, so I decided to join Weight Watchers Online – something I had to pay for, making it more likely for me to stick to it. I was determined to succeed and avoid throwing away my money and wasting my time."

Plan, Plan, Plan!
Vicky soon began to see where she’d been going wrong. She had to look at her portion sizes and the types of food she was eating. "I can see why I piled on the weight," she says, "I was eating more or less the same as my husband. I was also cooking with oils as opposed to using low fat cooking spray and I couldn't throw food away."

She now tries to cook the amount she needs and if the children don't eat it, it goes in the bin.

"I’m also trying not to eat too late in the evening," she says. "Since having the children we would always eat after they’d gone to bed, but now we try and have family meals together as much as possible or a lighter evening tea."

She has also started cooking more Weight Watchers recipes, and her favourites include:

Vicky’s Tips
  • Vary your diet
  • Choose Healthy & Filling foods to stay satisfied for longer
  • Eat a healthy breakfast - it's the best start to the day
  • Treat yourself occasionally!

Get Active
Getting active has been a big part of Vicky’s successful weight loss journey and today she feels healthier and fitter than ever before.

"Since getting to goal, I have taken up running and I've signed up for my first ever 10k run. I have set myself the goal of running the whole way without stopping. I'm really enjoying it and looking forward to the challenge," she says.

Determined to Succeed
Vicky has learnt a lot about herself since joining Weight Watchers, including how determined she can be when she wants to, and when people asked her how she was losing so much weight she told them that her secret was joining Weight Watchers Online.

"I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I was so determined to lose the extra weight I had put on and be slim again!" she says.

It took Vicky 10 months to reach her Goal Weight.

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