Small satisfying food swaps

Don't say goodbye to your favourite recipes when you're losing weight; learn how to give them a makeover.
Dairy Quest

Don’t avoid your favourite recipes just because you're losing weight. Learning how to convert a recipe to a lower ProPoints value dish, can make your weight loss efforts so much simpler. Making small changes to your recipes and the way you cook them is very simple if you follow our helpful hints and tips.

Some simple substitutions to help you save

  • Swap a tablespoon of double cream for 0% fat Greek yogurt to save 1 ProPoints value.
  • Swap 40g of low fat cheddar for normal cheddar to save you 2 ProPoints values.
  • A pint of skimmed milk vs. a pint of full fat milk saves you 5 ProPoints values.
  • Opting for a medium chicken breast over a medium rump steak can save you up to 6 ProPoints values.
  • Choose a tablespoon of low fat mayonnaise over full fat mayonnaise to save you 2 ProPoints values.

The right tools for reducing

  • Spray oil – is a good way to fry foods but save ProPoints values.
  • Steam – fish or vegetables in a special steamer pan or wrap your fish or other foods in kitchen foil with a splash of water and steam in a hot oven.
  • Roast – or bake fish, meat or vegetables in an open roasting dish for a succulent, tasty finish which requires very little fat.
  • Weight Watchers ProPoints Kitchen Scales – great for working out the ProPoints values of individual ingredients.
  • Use Recipe Builder to work out the ProPoints values of your recipes. Use the suggestions to make tweaks and changes to any ingredients to bring down the ProPoints values per serving.
  • Pack in some Filling & Healthy foods that are zero or low in ProPoints values to bulk out meals.
  • Search for delicious recipes, tips, ideas and healthy cooking methods.
  • Visit the message boards and swap recipes. There is a wealth of information there from people just like you.