Cocktail Cheat Sheet

Use this handy cocktail cheat sheet to compare and contrast the ProPoints values of different drinks and see how your favourite tipple stacks up against others.

Use this handy cocktail cheat sheet to compare and contrast the ProPoints values of different drinks and see how your favourite tipple stacks up against others.

Despite what seems like common sense, less volume does not necessarily translate to fewer ProPoints values. To help make sense of the madness, we've researched 18 popular cocktails to help you compare and contrast to get the biggest bang for your ProPoints value buck. Just have a crack at our interactive game and find out for yourself.

Get to know your favourite cocktails through our interactive bartender. As long as you understand that one piña colada will cost you more ProPoints values than three screwdrivers, you have all the information you need to make choices you won't regret later.

Mixer mayhem

    Believe it or not, the alcohol is often not what makes a mixed drink ProPoints heavy, it's the mixer. Keep your mixers in check, and you'll have more ProPoints values to spare:

  • Juiced up — "If you use 100% juice you can at least count on some extra vitamins in your cocktail," says registered dietitian Jessica Smerling.
  • Carbonation — As with alcohols, most non-diet carbonated beverages will all give you the same result. Sweetened fizzy drinks and sodas all pack about 4 ProPoints values per 330ml (standard can size), with tonic water coming in at 3 ProPoints values per 330ml. "Avoiding sodas is a wise choice when you're trying to lose weight" says Brian Van Flandern, founder of Creative Cocktail Consultants in New York City. Opt for a diet mixer instead. Anything with soda and lime is also ideal as it adds fizz and a little flavour, but no extra ProPoints values.
  • Crème de la crème — A lot of frozen drinks contain dairy based mixers such as milk, or concoctions like Irish cream or coconut cream. These can tack on quite a lot of unwanted calories, especially the processed ones, which have added sugar.
  • Powder ranger — These sneaky ingredients don't add much in terms of volume, but are high in taste (and usually ProPoints values). Add-ins like sour mix (found in a mai tai) or pure sugar (in the case of the daiquiri or the mojito) may seem like mere flavouring, but you have to consider the extra ProPoints values.
Sip tips

    In order to enjoy your favourite cocktails without breaking the ProPoints value bank try utilising some of these strategies:

  • Scrap the snacking — As with any social endeavour, heading out with some food in your stomach is recommended. Since alcohol causes you to let down your indulgence guard, you may be prone to overeat. Having a full belly when you set out helps to prevent drunken food-fests.
  • H2O — "Another way to keep your alcoholic ProPoints values to a minimum is to alternate a glass of water with each drink," Smerling suggests. "This will also help keep you hydrated, which is a clever way to prevent the morning blues.".
  • Go slow — The faster you drink, the more likely you'll be to lose track of how many you've had, which is a major threat to your tracking efforts. Going at a slower pace will help you keep your wits about you, at least for a good portion of the night.
  • Talk the talk — If throwing back a few turns you into a motor-mouth, good! The more time you spend chatting, the longer it will take you to down your beverage, and the less likely you'll be to consume too many. Since you're out with friends anyway, this should hardly be a problem.