Eating Out: The Real Greek

Enjoy mezze-style Mediterranean dining at The Real Greek.
The Real Greek

The Modern Way To Share
Greek food is typically a sharing type of cuisine so mezze and lots of small dishes are the order of the day. The Real Greek states its restaurants are “the modern way to share healthy Mediterranean cooking in a relaxed environment” and we certainly found this to be true. The menu offers a variety of dishes made with fresh ingredients – with a good selection of lower ProPoints value options.

Planning Ahead Is Easy
Full nutritional information is available for all dishes on their website, or in the restaurant if you ask. This means you can plan ahead and use the online ProPoints Calculator to work out the ProPoints values of dishes – or even work them out when you’re there with your ProPoints Calculator or the Weight Watchers iPhone app. The Real Greek is also listed in the latest Eat Out guide, available from your meeting or from Weight Watchers At Home. And as a last resort, the calories for each dish are clearly displayed on the menu, so you can roughly see which are the healthier options and lighter dishes.

Hot And Cold
The two of us ordered a selection of hot and cold mezze dishes to share, as recommended by the friendly waitress. Cold mezzes included a really delicious spiced hummus (7 ProPoints values for the dish) and the Santorinian Fava - a purée of earthy Santorini lentils, olive oil and herbs (6 ProPoints values for the dish).

Get Dipping!
With eight or so dips on the menu there are plenty of options. To keep the ProPoints values down choose carrot, celery and cucumber crudités all of which are zero ProPoints values, or you can have the more traditional Greek flat bread (19 ProPoints values per bread).

More Mezze
We also had a selection of mezze including the Dolmades - hand-wrapped vine leaves with a rice, herb, pine nut and Corinthian sultana filling (7 ProPoints values) and the delicious Octopodi Zaffrani. This is fresh octopus marinated in saffron, fennel and Greek vinegar, tossed with cucumber and dill and is 3 ProPoints values.

Super Sharing Dishes
The Anatolian Spiced Gambas was another great choice if you’re sharing - grilled tiger prawns marinated in aromatic Anatolian spices for 8 ProPoints values per dish. We went for the Halloumi Melitzano - grilled Greek halloumi with charred aubergine, beef tomato and basil oil. This was a tasty option and worked out at 2 ProPoints values for the whole dish. The Tiropitakia are handmade filo pastry parcels with creamy leek, spinach and feta filling. These are delicious and 11 ProPoints values for the dish – definitely worth a try if you have the ProPoints values.

Sharing mezze meant we both got to try lots of dishes and it was certainly enough to fill me up without completely blowing my ProPoints budget. If you feel like you need a little more then there are larger Souvlaki dishes available too. Chris ordered the Lamb Souvlaki (16 ProPoints values for the dish) but even he said he didn’t really need it after all the mezze! Other options include Chicken Souvlaki at 11 ProPoints values and Halloumi and Vegetable Souvlaki at 15 ProPoints values.

The Price Is Right!
Mezze dishes range in price from around £2 up to £6 and the Souvlaki dishes are around £6 so it’s extremely reasonably priced. Handily, they also include the phonetic pronunciation of all dishes on the menu – very useful!

I really recommend The Real Greek - the food was delicious and fresh and there is a great selection of tasty dishes available regardless of how many ProPoints values you have for the meal. A number of the dishes are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The only negative may be that mezze-style dining can make it difficult to keep track of exactly and how much you’re eating, but order enough low ProPoints values dishes and salads and you can enjoy your meal and stay in control and on track.

Dishes from The Real Greek Menu ProPoints values per dish
Gigandes Plaki 4
Hummus 7
Tzatziki 4
Vegetable crudités 0
Greek flat bread 19
Anatolian Spiced Gambas 8
Halloumi Melitzano 2
Tiropitakia 11
Whitebait (Half) 17
Greek Salad 19
Cretan Salad 3

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