Monitor your milestones in Weight Tracker

Keeping focused and motivated is key to a successful weight loss journey.

If you are new to the Weight Tracker tool it’s simple: By recording your weight each week in Weight Tracker, you’ll see your weight loss progressing week after week. When you click on Weight Tracker, you will have two options: you can either click on Chart View or Table View.

Chart view
This will enable you to keep on top of your weight loss in a visual graph format, so you can see how far you’ve come at a glance.

Table view
In addition to logging your weight details, you can also track your body measurements such as waist, hips, bust, arms and thighs, to see how your body shape is changing. This is a great way to stay motivated, even if the scales stay the same your body’s changing shape can be a great feedback on your success.

Just a click away
Whether you are on a business trip, on holiday or on a weekend break, as long as you have access to your eSource or online account, or via the Weight Watchers iPhone app, you can keep using Weight Tracker – wherever you are.

Milestone motivation
Keeping focused and motivated is key to a successful weight loss journey. When using the Weight Tracker tool, stars representing milestones will appear automatically in the Chart View format when you hit the targets they represent, for example your 5%, 10%, Silver 7, etc. This is a great visual incentive.

Your ProPoints budget
To ensure you know exactly how many of your weekly and daily ProPoints allowance you have already used and how many remain each week, the chart at the top of the screen will give you an at-a-glance update to make sure you stay on top of your weight loss success journey. It also includes any activity ProPoints values used and remaining.

Next Steps