Filling & Healthy day – A relaxed approach to counting ProPoints values

This approach works as part of the ProPoints system to give you safe, healthy weight loss.
Shopping choosing Filling & Healthy foods

Are you ready for a Filling & Healthy day
Members who follow this approach to the plan tell us there are two key things you need to be confident of for it to work.

  1. Do you enjoy eating a range of Filling & Healthy foods?
  2. Are you comfortable using only your feelings of satisfaction as a guide to when to stop eating?
If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions it’s likely you are ready for a Filling & Healthy day.

What you stop counting for the day…
Choosing to have a Filling & Healthy day means you will focus on eating Filling & Healthy foods. You won’t need to count the ProPoints values in any of them, regardless of the portion size or the ProPoints values listed. Instead you allow your feelings of satisfaction to guide you on how much of a Filling & Healthy food you eat.

What you continue counting for the day…
You still have the flexibility of the weekly ProPoints allowance at your disposal for any non-Filling & Healthy foods you may want to include in your day.

It’s an optional approach
It’s entirely up to you whether you choose to use this relaxed approach to counting or not. We know some members feel strongly that only ProPoints values provide them with the discipline they need to stay on track and lose weight. Others enjoy the fact that being able to relax their counting, now and then, with a Filling & Healthy day gives them more freedom as well as control.

The rules for a Filling & Healthy day

  • Choose a Filling & Healthy day as often or a little as you like. You simply decide which approach to counting you want to take, on a day-by-day basis.
  • Focus on eating Filling & Healthy foods throughout the day.
  • Ignore the ProPoints values and portion sizes of any Filling & Healthy foods you eat on this day. Instead use your feelings of satisfaction as your guide to how much to eat.
  • You should include two teaspoons of healthy oil in your meals and recipes for the day (sunflower, olive, flaxseed, safflower or rapeseed oil) without counting them. If you eat more than two teaspoons of healthy oil during the day, deduct the additional ProPoints values from your weekly ProPoints allowance.
  • Use your weekly allowance for any non-Filling & Healthy foods you eat during the day.
  • There are certain drinks, seasonings and condiments you can have in unlimited quantities too such as Coffee and tea, black or with skimmed milk (without sugar), diet fizzy drinks and water.

Changing tracking techniques
You can change techniques in the Plan Manager Settings. You can also see the days that you’ve selected as Filling & Healthy in your Weekly Chart.

Find out more about Filling & Healthy foods
Filling & Healthy Foods are at the heart of the ProPoints plan. They’re the ‘best of the best’ for keeping you feeling satisfied and healthy and they’re great value for ProPoints too.

We’ve put together an at-a-glance guide to what they are, where to find them and some delicious meals that will help you on your weight-loss journey.

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