Eating Out: Thai

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Eating Out Thai

Mini Meal Plan ProPoints values
STARTER: Thai Dumpling - Ka-Nom-Jeeb (4 dumplings) 4
MAIN: Garlic Fried Prawns - Goong Tod Gratiem Prik Thai 9
RICE: Steamed Rice - Khao Suay (half portion) 6
Starters ProPoints values
Gange Chud Woon Sen – Thai Noodle Soup 8
Glass Noodle Soup 8
Goong Sateh – Prawn Satay 8
Hoi Tord – Mussels with Coriander and Bean Sprouts 5
Ka-Nom-Jeeb – Thai Dumpling (each) 1
Keau-Krob –Fried Won-Ton (each) 2
Popia Tod- Fried Spring Roll (each) 4
Red Radish Soup 2
Watercress and Beansprouts 0
Mains ProPoints values
Gai Pad Hed Sod – Chicken with Mushrooms 12
Gai Pad Med Ma-Muang- Chicken with Cashews 15
Pahd Pak Namman Hoi - Stir Fried Vegetables in Oyster Sauce 11
Ped Makham - Duck with Tamarind and Honey 20
Priaw Wahn Moo – Sweet and Sour Pork 13
Priaw Wahn Goong – Sweet and Sour Prawns 11
Priaw Wahn Gai – Sweet and Sour Chicken 12
Priaw Wahn Nuer – Sweet and Sour Beef 15
Priaw Wahn Pla – Sweet and Sour Fish 11
Kuaytio Pad Thai - Fried Noodles 20
Pahd See Lew Gai - Stir Fried Rice Noodles with Chicken 15

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