Filling & Healthy foods focus

Filling & Healthy foods are at the heart of the ProPoints plan. Why are they so important? Quite simply because they are the best choices you can make for both your satisfaction and health.

You will find Filling & Healthy foods in all the food groups. So it’s easy to make them the focus of a balanced, healthy diet and include them in meals each day.

Why do we call them Filling & Healthy foods?
We refer to them as being 'Filling' because they are low in energy density and so will help you feel satisfied for longer as you lose weight. And they are 'Healthy' due to their higher fibre and/or lower salt, sugar and saturated fat content.

Great value for your ProPoints budget
Filling & Healthy foods help you get the maximum out of your ProPoints budget. Because they help you feel fuller for longer, you’re less likely to reach for high ProPoints value snacks to tide you over between meals. And since they’re lower in sugar, you’re less likely to experience peaks and troughs in your energy levels throughout the day.

How can I find out which foods are Filling & Healthy?
You’ll find Filling & Healthy foods in all the food groups:

  • Lean proteins
  • Fibre-rich carbohydrates
  • Low fat milk and dairy
  • Fruits and vegetables

They’re clearly marked throughout the website and the Plan Manager tools by a green symbol.

They are also all listed in the Filling & Healthy foods list.

Ways to include more Filling & Healthy Foods
  • Use zero ProPoints value fruit and vegetables for snacks and to bulk out meals. This will increase your intake of Filling & Healthy foods, without dipping into your ProPoints budget.
  • Kick start your day with a breakfast based on wholegrains, low fat dairy and fresh fruit. A breakfast packed with Filling & Healthy foods will keep you feeling fuller for longer and less likely to reach for a mid-morning sugary snack.
  • Opt for lean cuts of meat, fish or pulses when planning evening meals. Accompany with wholegrain rice, pasta or potatoes, and a generous serving of veggies for a dinner bursting with delicious Filling & Healthy foods.
Top tip: Use the Plan Manager Find & Explore to search for Filling & Healthy foods. Simply enter your search term for any food item and then use the Filling & Healthy foods filter option on the left hand side.
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