Cupboard and fridge makeover

Set up your kitchen for success by making sure your cupboards and fridge are stocked appropriately.

Get off to a great start
If you have the basics, such as eggs, potatoes, baked beans, ham, fresh fruit and plenty of veg in your fridge and cupboards, you’ll find following a Filling & Healthy day even easier.

Here’s a quick guide to make sure your kitchen is weight loss ready:
  • Next, do a quick stocktake on your cupboard and fridge. If the food’s on the Filling & Healthy list, bring it to the front of the shelf. If it’s not, shuffle it to the back, or remove it altogether. Start a shopping list of any gaps you need to fill, like wholewheat pasta, calorie controlled brown bread, or 0% fat Greek yogurt.
  • Do the same for the Flavour Boosters. A spring clean of your dried herbs and spice rack might be a good idea!
  • Decide which Extra Treats you’d like to include, and make sure you have these in stock, and accessible, too.

  • Finally, revamp the fruit veg drawer in your fridge. Almost all fruit and vegetables are on the Filling & Healthy food list, so be bold and add some new ones to your repertoire!

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