Cupboard and fridge makeover

Set up your kitchen for success by making sure your cupboards and fridge are stocked appropriately.

1. Get off to a great start
If you have the basics, such as eggs, potatoes, baked beans, ham, fresh fruit and plenty of veg in your fridge and cupboards, you can get started straight away by following a Filling & Healthy day.

However, if you want to count ProPoints values then Filling & Healthy foods are generally lower in ProPoints values and will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Here's a full list of Filling & Healthy foods.

2. Start a shopping list
Do a quick stocktake of your cupboard and fridge. If the food’s on the Filling & Healthy list, bring it to the front of the shelf. If it’s not, shuffle it to the back, or remove it altogether. Start a shopping list of any gaps you need to fill, like wholewheat pasta, calorie controlled brown bread, or 0% fat Greek yogurt.

3. Meal time inspiration
If you need some menu motivation, choose a breakfast, lunch or dinner from one of our tasty meal ideas.

4. Stock up on your fruit & veg
Finally, revamp the fruit veg drawer in your fridge. Almost all fruit and vegetables are on the Filling & Healthy food list and are zero ProPoints values, so be bold and add some new ones to your repertoire!

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