Delicious Simple Start meals

Scratching your head about what to eat? Enjoy these smart, delicious meals all day long.
Delicious Starter Meals
The number one question we hear when a member joins Weight Watchers is, “Ok, now what do I eat?” Don't worry, we’ve got a full list of delicious meals for anytime of day – ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

These meals are built from our Weight Watchers Filling & Healthy foods, which are not only nutritional powerhouses they're also satisfying and a ProPoints® bargain. And they’re the foundation of Weight Watchers Simple Start. To start losing weight, all you have to do is follow these ideas!

These meals and snacks each have a ProPoints value, so if you’re following the full counting method, you just need to add them to your food tracker. If you find it easier to eat from a food list without tracking, then click here to switch your technique to Filling & Healthy day method. If you're following the Filling & Healthy approach, you can eat Filling & Healthy foods until you feel satisfied, there's no need to track them.
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