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Simple Start is the perfect introduction to Weight Watchers. Find out what it is, how it works and how you can get started.
What is Weight Watchers Simple Start?

It’s a great introduction to the Weight Watchers plan that helps you make friends with the healthy and satisfying foods at the heart of our approach, without the distraction of counting or weighing anything at the start. Sticking to Simple Start for up to two weeks, you’ll eat delicious meals and snacks that all the family can enjoy along with a couple of tasty treats each day.

What do I do?

1) Choose the majority of the foods you eat from the Filling & Healthy food list. This includes things like baked beans, tinned tomatoes, potatoes, eggs and ham alongside calorie-controlled brown bread, wholemeal pasta, lean cuts of meat and plenty of fruit and vegetables. Whether you eat them at mealtimes or as snacks, you don’t need to count or track any Filling & Healthy foods while you’re following Simple Start.
Download the Filling & Healthy food list

2) Spice up your Filling & Healthy food choices by adding Unlimited Flavour Boosters and Drinks, again without needing to count or track them. This list includes dried herbs, curry powder, lemon juice, soy sauce and good old salt and pepper as well as diet drinks, tea and coffee, water and sugar-free squash.
Download the Unlimited Flavour Boosters and Drinks list

3) Finally you can enjoy up to 2 Extra Treats a day to add a little indulgence to your meals. From almonds to avocado, cheese to chocolate and Weetabix to wine, we’ve created a list of treats that work well with the Filling & Healthy foods. Warning: you can’t save your 2 Extra Treats to use another day – if you don’t use them on the day, you lose them.
Download the Extra Treats list

For good health include: Two teaspoons of healthy oil and at least two portions of low fat dairy in what you choose to eat each day. You can use oil for cooking or in dressings. Healthy oils include olive, safflower, sunflower, flaxseed and rapeseed. If you need more than two teaspoons, you will need to take any additional teaspoons from your Extra Treats. A single portion of dairy is made up of ½ pint of skimmed milk or a small pot (150g) of low-fat plain yogurt.

For more information, check out the short Simple Start video.

How long do I follow Simple Start?

We recommend you give Simple Start a go for a week at least. But you can do it for up to two weeks. After that you’ll probably want more flexibility with your treats and the ability to pick and choose when you have them. That’s when we offer you some added flexibility that frees you up eat more of your favourite indulgences throughout the week.
Top Tips for getting started

To make it really easy to follow Simple Start while you're on the move, download the Simple Start app. It will guide you through all the foods you can enjoy while you're on Simple Start and includes meal ideas. The Simple Start app can be found in your Android or Apple app store.
Don't have a smartphone?

Not to worry. You can get the Simple Start meals here. Or build your own breakfast, lunch or dinner by selecting from our meal builders.

Download the Simple Start shopping list for a full list of all the foods, Flavour Boosters, unlimited drinks and Extra Treats you can enjoy on Simple Start.

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