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Become a Coach – where job satisfaction comes as standard

You’re a walking weight-loss success story, and now it’s your turn to make a difference  

Losing weight is a life-changing journey. That’s why all of our Coaches share the same experiences and expertise, and have the ability to change our members’ lives. If you’re passionate about working with others and you’d like to take advantage of a rewarding opportunity, it’s time to apply to become a Coach.

Being a Weight Watchers Coach isn’t just a job – it’s a true vocation. And we can offer a flexible schedule that works around your lifestyle, with opportunities to develop within the company. With no financial outlay, there’s nothing stopping you on your new path. 

Becoming a Coach FAQs: the answers are all here! 

Do I need to have followed the Weight Watchers plan to become a Coach ?

At Weight Watchers, empathy is at the heart of our approach – we want our Coaches to understand the issues members can face when achieving a healthy lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to have experienced your own weight-loss journey. It doesn’t need to have been with Weight Watchers, but we do ask that you follow our plan and attend meetings for at least a month to get a feel for what we do. 

Will I get support to maintain weight loss if I become a Coach?

Yes! When you become a Coach, you’ll get free access to our Meetings and Online tools so you can attend meetings as a member. You’ll also find all the latest research, expert ideas and advice from our company dietician on our intranet, Link Online. There are also Coach Forums on Link Online where your fellow Coaches can provide peer support.

How much will I earn?

Your earnings are commission-based, and are influenced by member enrolments and product sales. We also offer monetary incentives for things such as Coach recruitment and referral members. Your pay also has elements of fixed fees for activities outside your meetings, and allowances for working at home. Due to the commission element of your earnings, as a business we’ll ensure that you never earn below the set National Living Wage. 

What training will I get?

New Coaches will go through a well-planned induction, which starts with workshops covering how to support members and your responsibilities as a Coach. You’ll also have loads of opportunities to practice your new skills in meetings with experienced Coaches and Trainers. At the end of your training, you’ll need to pass a Final Assessment before you can lead your own meeting. But there's no need to worry! We’ll cover everything you need to know in your training. 

How long before I start taking meetings?

Typically, the initial allocation of your own meetings will take place within four weeks of passing your Final Assessment. 

How many meetings do I have to take? What if I have another job?

There’s no limit – the most successful Coaches run between two and 12 meetings a week. And with the flexible nature of working with Weight Watchers, we’ll fit your meetings around your lifestyle and other work commitments.

Do I need to buy the products sold within my meetings?

No, all the products are provided by us. There will be no financial outlay required by you when you join us, making it even easier to get started. 

What other company benefits are there?

We offer an Online benefits scheme, that provides discounts for major retailers, hospitality, travel and financial businesses. In addition, we provide enhanced payments for maternity, paternity and adoption absences. To accommodate your lifestyle and goals, you’re entitled to an enhancement of three months’ flexible unpaid leave. 

You can contact our HR team at 

So what would I be paid as a Coach?

What you are paid as an employed Coach is entirely dependent on how successful you are at delivering a great service to your members in your meetings. That great service is all about you supporting more people to achieve their weight loss goals, motivating them to stick with the successful Smart points plan and to keep coming back to your meeting. It's also about delivering inspiring meeting talks and empathetic and effective support at the scales as well as enabling Members to access the tools and resources they need to achieve success.

Our Area Service Managers and comprehensive ongoing training sessions are there to support you to achieve great service and thus maximise your earnings.

To give you an idea of your potential earnings here are a couple of examples. As a good Coaches running 10 or more successful meetings a week realistically earn in excess of £22,000 per year*, with some of our Coaches earning considerably more than this.

(*These figures are based on a sample of actual results in our meetings across the UK in 2016 and illustrate the earnings Coaches taking these meetings would have earned then under our employed compensation structure)

The number of meetings you can take is really down to your availability and the availability of meetings in your area as well as your success.

What other company benefits do Coaches get?

A flexible approach to time off compared to typical employment requirements, and an enhancement of 3 months flexible unpaid leave to keep things as flexible as possible to fit in with your own life and goals.

Enhanced payments for maternity/adoption/paternity absences to show our appreciation of many of our employees work life balance.

A Weight Watchers employee discount for gym membership to add to the other ways we encourage you to focus on your own weight (e.g. attending a Meeting & using the Online tools; arranging your own weight clinics with Coaches who live locally to you).

A financial incentive for referring a new Coach to Weight Watchers.

An on-line benefits scheme with discounts from major retailers, hospitality, travel and financial businesses that recognise you as a WW employee.

This is not your typical job. Are you up for the challenge? 

You’re a progressive, hands-on, roll-up-the-sleeves kind of person who loves to be a central part of the action. You’re a natural networker – someone who can interact at all levels. And you’re able to simultaneously empathise with a member whose week has gone downhill while jumping for joy with a member who has got to goal.

Helping others excites you, and the challenge of supporting members through their weight loss sparks your determination, because you’ve been there, too. You flinch at the thought of your members not getting what they need. You’re a team player and you proactively share your knowledge, expertise and ideas. Plus, you understand social media and how to make it work for your meetings, and how to make Twitter or Facebook inspire your members.

You also know how to market your meetings – people can’t wait to come to see you in your local area! You attract new members and grow your meetings, and you’re a true part of your community. Forget other weight-loss companies – your meetings are the number-one choice. And finally, you’re proud to be an ambassador of the brand. Be successful by maintaining your weight-loss journey and being a passionate expert in the Weight Watchers programme. 

You want the nitty gritty? We’ll give it to you!

At your meetings, you’ll be expected to conduct effective weigh-ins; actively prepare with the tools available; hold engaging group discussions; deliver Get Started sessions to all new members; adhere to Health and Safety guidelines; ensure all appropriate stock and meeting supplies are available, and report meeting performance statistics and follow the Business Administration Policy. 

And for your members, we want you to celebrate their achievements, build positive rapports, demonstrate empathy when a week hasn’t gone so well, keep in touch even outside meetings, and always aim to inspire, involve and inform them. Remember, you’re one of us! So at your meetings you’ll need to promote new products and tools, provide cover when needed, participate in recruitment drives, and be part of our growing team. 

So what’s different about you?

You know how to Win Together: as a brilliant communicator, you’ll be able to empathise with our members and work with them to inspire success. Whether you’re already a member of Weight Watchers and know all about our plan, or you’re someone who’s actively on your own weight-loss journey, you must be willing to complete the Weight Watchers plan  prior to becoming a Coach .

This is no time to be shy! With excellent presentation and listening skills, you should be able to share your experiences and demonstrate your understanding of Weight Watchers, while acknowledging the different needs of your members and encouraging discussion in the meeting room. 

You know how to get things done: you’re proactive and solutions-focused, so you’re committed to achieving success for our members while supporting fellow Coaches and your Area Manager. And you should have personalised Customer Service on your mind, so you can be a strong relationship builder – one who’s approachable and adaptable, and thrives on persuading and influencing others to get things done. 

You know how to think differently: positivity, energy and organisation. They’re the three factors you have to enhance your self-confidence and to think differently. You’re able to put forward your creative ideas to motivate members, and can demonstrate your own accountability personally and professionally. You’re also a proactive problem solver who can respond to the needs of others.


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