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50 years experience helping millions lose weight for good.


About Weight Watchers

Over the last 50 years, we've helped millions of people change their relationship with food, for good. We know losing weight can be challenging, but we're here to help you achieve success. Join us now to lose weight and feel fantastic. You can follow our healthy eating programme in the way that suits you best: either completely online, by attending our lively and informative meetings, or a combination of both.


What you'll eat

No food is off limits with Weight Watchers ProPoints weight loss system.

However you choose to eat, vegetarian, gluten-free, lower carb - it doesn’t matter. The new Weight Watchers approach offers you seven different ways to eat, enjoy the food you love and achieve a healthy weight loss – yes really!

The key to losing weight with Weight Watchers is the ProPoints plan and it’s really simple. Every food has a ProPoints value and every day, you get your own ProPoints allowance that you can spend any way you like. Each week, you also get an extra 49 ProPoints values that can cover you for bigger portions, emergency wine supplies or other splurges.

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    Our Meetings

    Our meetings

    Run at times and in locations to suit you, meetings are a friendly place where everyone is in the same boat.

    The focus is on group support, sharing tips and ideas to help you on your weight loss journey. At your first meeting, you’ll be welcomed and taken through how the meetings work, and you will be helped to register. You’ll then be introduced to your Leader, who’ll weigh you confidentially.

    Following the weigh in, there’s a 20-minute discussion led by the Leader with lots of information and great tips.
    You can contribute as much or as little as you like to the discussion.

    After the talk, your Leader will take 10 minutes to talk you and any other new members through the programme,
    so you can be confident of getting off to the best possible start. Each week you’ll find lots of support, encouragement and opportunities to celebrate yours and your fellow member's weight loss successes.

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      Simple Start

      Our Online Plan

      If you’re thinking “meetings won’t work for me”, that’s not a problem. You can always follow our plan completely online and benefit from our Weight Watchers community; online videos, recipes, meal plans and lots more.

      You’ll have access to our proven plan via our member’s website, apps, videos, recipes, meal plans and receive support through our thriving online community – that’s on our website and through our Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube channels, too.

        Online ►

          Activity Motivation

          We also like to help our members become more active, through small steps and simple changes. We offer practical tips through our meetings, online and we've become pretty good at giving our members little tools that can help make big changes. Such as our mobile app which allows you to keep track on your activity when you're on the go. You can now connect your activity device to your Weight Watchers account - keeping all your food and fitness progress details in one space.

          Sisters smiling after losing weight

          One more thing

          Did you know we’ve successfully helped millions of people across the globe lose weight since 1963?

          Lots of us have a good idea of what foods we should eat to stay slim and appreciate the role of activity, but when you’re on your own it can feel like a complete minefield – where do you start? What do you do first?

          That’s why so many people come to Weight Watchers; we have the expertise and the experience to really help you lose weight. Together, we’ll take small steps that will lead to great weight losses.

          Plus, we’re full of real people – that includes real people who have lived our programme and seen great results, real nutritionists who are passionate about good food and real experts who understand the challenges of losing weight alone. We’re more than a standalone app or a food calorie database, and we’re with you all the way; at the start of your journey, if you need some extra help, and at the end when you want to maintain your new healthy weight.

            Clare is hitting every milestone and feeling fantastic.
            Julie has changed her relationship with food for good.
            Dan enjoys a new way to eat gluten free and lose weight.
            Ellie's enjoying being a yummy mummy!
            Woman smiling, before and after losing weight

            Clare loves her new way of eating

            “I’m in the police force and after the fitness test was reintroduced and I failed it, I had three months to pass. This was the motivation I needed to get fit and lose weight; I joined the gym and found my local Weight Watchers meeting that day.

            Walking into the unknown of my first meeting was terrifying but everyone was really welcoming and friendly. I haven’t missed a week since and have never had a gain at the scales.

            Being vegetarian fits really well with the ProPoints plan. I eat a lot of Quorn products which tend to be low in ProPoints values and often Filling & Healthy foods too. So I can fill up on protein and not feel like I’m missing out.

            Before joining Weight Watchers I used to eat a lot of takeaways and had no sense of portion control. People always assume that all vegetarians eat healthily but I was picking a lot of the wrong types of food.

            I now cook most evening meals from scratch – dishes like fajitas or a vegetarian roast - using lots of fresh vegetables and usually Quorn products. My boyfriend is a meat eater who’s not trying to lose weight but he enjoys these meals too. I also eat a lot of fresh fruit but still have chocolate, although now it’s just a few squares, or I save my weekly ProPoints values for a treat.

            I love browsing new recipes on the website, Your Week and the magazine. If they’re meat based I can substitute for alternatives using Recipe Builder and still have a new and exciting recipe that works with my ProPoints plan and the vegetarian approach.

            The Weight Watchers mobile app is my favourite tool – I use it every day to track everything I eat. I love seeing my weight go down as it’s plotted on the Weight Tracker too.

            My journey hasn’t always been easy but my Leader and fellow meeting members have made me realise that one blip is not the end of the world. I keep looking at the bigger picture and remembering how far I’ve already come. I never started out with a specific goal weight in mind but as I hit each milestone I set the next goal to aim for and this keeps me going. And I've passed my fitness test with flying colours too." *
            *People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.close
            Smiling woman before and after weight loss

            Julie has changed her relationship with food for good

            “After having my daughter, my weight had been creeping up ever since. It took the tragic death of my brother and a hard hitting comment from an old acquaintance to face the reality of my weight problem.

            I decided that Weight Watchers was for me, joined my local Weight Watchers meeting and despite a slightly bumpy weight loss journey, I’ve never missed a week. Meetings are great to get advice, pick up tips and feel supported – they really have been key to my weight loss.

            Discovering exercise was an epiphany moment for me. A colleague challenged me to take part in a half marathon and for some strange reason, I accepted. I hated exercise but built it up slowly using a beginners running app and now run or exercise nearly every day and absolutely love it.

            When I am in training for a race I find I’m often hungry after exercising so like to tuck into plenty of rice and pasta to keep me going. I found eating more still worked perfectly with my weight loss, particularly if I chose whole grain versions that are Filling & Healthy foods.

            Before Weight Watchers a typical evening meal would be fried chips and chicken kiev, now it’s more likely to be a homemade dish like chicken laksa with plenty of fresh vegetables. The whole family still eat the same food and it’s great to know that as a result of Weight Watchers, all our food habits have changed for the better.

            With access to eSource with my Monthly Pass I tracked and checked ProPoints values on the mobile app and used Recipe Builder to tweak family favourites.

            It felt amazing to reach my goal. As I was chipping away at it pound by pound every week, I never imagined actually getting there. It’s given me my self-confidence back and the old me is starting to re-emerge.

            With Weight Watchers I never felt on a diet or restricted, just in control. If I can do it, anyone can." *
            *People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.close
            Smiling sister after losing weight

            Dan loves his new approach to food!

            “I’d been overweight for a couple of years and tried to lose weight by myself, unsuccessfully. I was now at the stage where lots of my clothes didn’t fit so decided it was time for a more structured approach and joined my local Weight Watchers meeting.

            Attending my meeting every Monday is a real motivator for me. There aren’t many other male meeting members but there is a whole range of ages. Someone has always lost weight so there’s an atmosphere of anticipation and energy and a real community feel. I’ve hit my silver 7 and more recently my 5% milestone - a clap and the recognition from your fellow members spurs you on.

            Your Leader is rooting for you and positive results and as you chip away at the weight loss there’s a real sense of accomplishment. When I hit my first milestone it was a great feeling of achievement and also relief – all the hard work was paying off.

            I’m gluten intolerant so forced to follow a gluten free diet but have found this works well with my weight loss. I need to know exactly what is in the ingredients I’m using both from a ProPoints
            value and a gluten point of view so tend to cook from scratch using lots of fresh vegetables and herbs and lean cuts of meat.

            Typical dinners used to be lots of processed foods and takeaways but now my favourite dishes are a homemade Thai green curry or lean steak with salad and homemade chips.

            I use the tools on eSource all day, every day. The huge database of recipes is great for finding new meal ideas and many fit with my GF diet too, or I can easily adapt them with Recipe Builder. Tracking as I go works best for me too, so I add to my online Tracker as soon as I’ve eaten something.

            Changing my relationship with food was part of the motivation for me joining Weight Watchers. It’s made me mindful of what I’m about to eat whether it’s buying lunch at work or cooking at home. I feel I’ve regained control back over my eating, but with flexibility and guidelines, and this has had a positive impact over my whole life." *
            *People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.close

            Ellie's enjoying being a yummy mummy!

            "I knew the time was right to lose weight and if I didn’t do it now, I was going to be this size forever. I’d never fully lost my pregnancy weight and my clothes didn’t fit properly, my self-confidence was on the floor and I couldn’t run around after my four year old twins. I wanted to be a yummy mummy, not a scummy mummy.

            My dietitian advised me that as I was at an unhealthy BMI I could attend Weight Watchers meetings on prescription via referral from my GP. Attending my first meeting and being faced with a room full of people I didn’t know was so nerve-wracking. But everyone was welcoming and the meeting was nothing like I expected – full of like minded people looking for new ideas.

            My Leader is brilliant. She made me feel really comfortable with who I was at the time and has helped me set goals, small and big, ever since. Whether I’m having a good or bad week, she has been my biggest motivator.

            I mainly follow the Filling & Healthy approach. It fits brilliantly with my lifestyle and I find it an easy way to eat healthily and still feel full, with no weighing, measuring or working out the ProPoints values. If I do want an extra treat I just track it. I used to eat anything and everything – chocolate, biscuits, takeaways and all the kids’ leftovers. Weight Watchers has helped me re-educate myself and change my habits for good – planning ahead and not going food shopping when hungry are my biggest tips!

            My whole family eats the same meals now. Takeaways are off the menu and we make our own fish fingers, chicken nuggets, curries and pizzas that all fit with the Filling & Healthy approach. I love cooking and often spend my spare time in the kitchen creating new Filling & Healthy recipes.

            After my GP referral ended I signed up to Monthly Pass to access eSource as I needed something extra to help me maintain control. The Weight Watchers mobile app (free with Monthly Pass) was a life saver for me. My phone’s with me all the time so the app meant I could scan foods in the supermarket and work out the treats worth dipping into my weekly ProPoints allowance for or what was best avoided.

            My type 1 diabetes was diagnosed when I was 15 and I have struggled to control my insulin levels at certain times in my life. Having diabetes can make losing weight tricky but following the ProPoints plan – and particularly Filling & Healthy – has meant I can balance my insulin levels with the amount of carbohydrates I’m eating and really helped bring my diabetes back under control.

            Getting to goal felt amazing. I was so proud of myself for overcoming having twins, being type 1 diabetic and all those things that scream ‘you can’t lose weight’.

            My confidence levels are now through the roof. I used to stand at the back of the room when I went out, hoping no one would notice me – now I’m first at the bar and last out of the pub. Weight Watchers isn’t a quick fix – it’s a lifestyle change for good. " *
            *People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.close

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