Susan Joined a Gym, Shifted her Excess Weight and Bagged a New Job

Susan’s after photo
Susan’s before photo Before
Name Susan
Age 42
Height 5'4"
Was 12 st 13 lb
Lost   3 st 9 lb
Weight 9 st 4 lb


Susan lost weight with a previous version of the Weight Watchers plan

Before she joined Weight Watchers, Susan had never stepped foot in a gym. She was scared of people's reactions and of her own fitness levels. Now she has a gym membership and attends sessions four times a week - religiously!

From Sluggish to…
Having always had problems with her weight, Susan was desperate for some inspiration and a kick in the right direction.

She'd tried a number of diets but nothing seemed to work, so when she heard about Weight Watchers she jumped at the chance to try something new in her bid to lose weight. And as someone who'd struggled to control her portion sizes, she opted for the POINTS® Plan.

"Everything I'd tried before didn't work and one morning I woke up and I'd had enough of being overweight," she recalls. "I always felt tired and sluggish, had no motivation or drive for anything and was fed up with being stared at in the street.

Everywhere I went I felt people were looking at me. If I was in a clothes shop I imagined people talking about me saying I shouldn't be buying certain outfits - and when I went out to eat it was a nightmare, as I was conscious of every decision I made."

Job Skills
"The worst thing though, was when I went for a job interview, knowing full well I had all the skills needed. But I never got the job."

Susan believed she was turned down for the job on the basis that she was overweight. Proof of this came six months later when she applied for the same job again - this time much slimmer - and got the job.

"It was embarrassing," she says. "I had the same skills, did the tests in the same way and got the same results. The only difference was I was 3st lighter. It's terrible how society views you when you're overweight but it shocked me into changing my life - and now there's no turning back."

Joining the Gym
As well as signing up to Weight Watchers meetings, Susan also bit the bullet and joined the gym. "I knew the two went hand in hand and although I wanted to lose weight, I also knew I had to tone up in the process," she says. "At first I signed up for a six week programme and found it difficult, but as the weight came off the sessions got easier and easier."

Susan attended the gym four times a week – walking on an incline and using the stepper and weights to make sure she toned up as she lost weight. She also walked into town during her lunch break instead of sitting in the car.

She stuck to her daily POINTS allowance religiously and if she went over one day, she always made up for it the next.

When she reached her ultimate goal weight just over six months later, she was so delighted she went out and bought her first ever bikini.

"I couldn't believe I'd done it," she says. "Nothing had ever worked before but this time I'd lost the weight and knew it would stay off.

The plan was easy to follow, it has re-educated me in terms of healthy food and different choices and whereas before I was eating through sheer greed, I now only ate when I felt hungry - and instead of crisps, chocolate and McDonald's, I'd eat fruit and vegetables.

I feel like a completely different person because of Weight Watchers. I've since changed my job to become a PA and my confidence is through the roof. The exercise gives me a huge adrenaline boost and keeps my body toned - and not only does my trainer think I'm terrific, but my husband thinks he's got a whole new woman."

Susan is wearing a black sequin top and trousers from Next. Styled by Marie McCaver.

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