Giulia tied the knot nearly 6st lighter

Giulia After
Giulia Before Before
Name Giulia
Age 35
Height 5'3"
Was 14 st 3 lb
Lost   5 st 11 lb
Weight 8 st 6 lb


Giulia wanted to lose weight for her wedding and she did just that - losing an amazing 5st 11lb for her special day.

Doing it for myself
Giulia had been to Weight Watchers once before. The first time, she joined meetings but had no real focus on what she wanted to achieve - she wasn't doing it for herself, but for her family and friends. Shortly after reaching Goal, she had to move home and left her meeting; needless to say she started to gain weight. The second time she joined, she did it for herself. Her graduation from university was getting closer, and she wanted to look great in her gown. She signed up to Weight Watchers Online, to take advantage of the flexible support the website offered. Soon she discovered that once she was fully committed and focused on her objective, there was no stopping her!

Learning to make choices
The Weight Watchers plan has helped Giulia change the way she looks at food. She knows which healthy choices she needs to make to feel fuller for longer and the importance of enjoying the foods she likes.

Giulia’s top tips:
Stick with it: Even if you're weight loss slows down, stick with the plan and it will work. Slow and steady wins the race!
Variety is the spice of life: Try making the most of your weekly allowance and get plenty of variety in your meals. There's a wealth of recipe inspiration to be had from the online recipes.
Tell the world: Don't keep your weight loss journey a secret. Share it, especially with your family and friends. They might join in and you’ll be in for some healthy competition!

Loving the plan
The first time Giulia joined Weight Watchers she attended meetings. This was ideal for her, as she felt accountable for her actions. She became a helper at her meeting, which was also an incentive to keep attending. The second time she joined Weight Watchers Online and loved the tools on offer: “Whether it’s a meeting or a message board, if it wasn’t for the advice and tips I got from others I would have left after a few months,” she says.

In addition to the message boards, Giulia found the online tools indispensable: “I used Weight Tracker, ProPoints Tracker, the message boards, the scales and the ProPoints Calculator. I'd be lost without them!” she says.

Fruity fix
“I'm DELIGHTED that fruit has zero ProPoints values. It's so good to know that if you're hungry you can just have a couple of apples and feel better without harming your waistline!” says Giulia. “My favourite fruit combination is a fruit salad the way my mum makes it, with very fine pieces of fruit, no sugar and maybe a drop of orange juice and lemon juice to give it added flavour. I also love strawberries with lemon juice and sweetener.”

Love is in the air
Giulia looks great and feels healthier and more energetic since losing 5st 11lb. She also has a lot more confidence and can enjoy her wedding in a smaller gown. Her future is full of promise and excitement, which she credits to her successful weight loss.

“I never imagined I’d walk down the aisle wearing a dress in such a small size! Until joining Weight Watchers I never thought I would actually walk down the aisle at all...” she says.

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