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Weight Loss Advice

Weight Loss Advice

Weight Watchers isn’t just about losing weight. We’re about an all-round healthy lifestyle and a new way of thinking. What’s more, we’re here to offer you support and advice every step of the way, showing you not only how to lose weight, but how to keep it off for good.

For over 50 years, we have been helping millions of people around the world to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way by implementing the most up to date scientific thinking and by listening to our members about what works for them. We have taken this wealth of knowledge and experience, and combined it to create an approach that’s easy to learn and simple to follow.

Our philosophy for healthy, sustainable weight loss is simple. We provide you with all the tools, support and information you need to: Weight Watchers can help you to approach your weight loss by helping you tackle four key areas of your lifestyle:

  • Eat more healthily
  • Increase your physical activity
  • Sort your surroundings to support your weight loss efforts
  • Manage the challenges involved in changing your habits and behaviours

Weight Watchers isn’t about the latest fad diets that don’t work and change with the seasons. We are here to inspire and help you to take a healthier approach to life that lasts.

We offer a flexible approach to weight loss so you can choose what works best for you: whether you like the group support of meetings or prefer to follow the plan online; whether you can’t live without your smartphone or prefer to write things down; whether you like to monitor everything you eat and drink or prefer a more relaxed approach. And of course, our weight loss friendly recipes are designed to suit all tastes.

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The Weight Watchers Online Plan is the most popular online weight loss plan in Great Britain, and can help you develop skills to realise your weight loss goals. Read some of our members’ amazing success stories to help get you inspired and on track to achieving a healthier, happier lifestyle!

If you would like the benefit of both meetings and online tools then sign up to Weight Watchers Monthly Pass.

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