If you have purchased a Personal Coaching pack, please scroll to the end of the page to view the relevant FAQ's.

General Shop/Ordering Inquiries

How can I contact Customer Service?

If you have any questions please contact Customer Service on  034567 88 999, or via e-mail uk.shop@weight-watchers.co.uk. 

Our Customer Services department is open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am-10pm. Saturday-Sunday 9:00am-5pm including public holidays. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept Visa (credit or debit) or MasterCard (credit or debit). When you are checking out, you will be prompted to enter your card number for payment.

We also accept PayPal, you will be asked to log into your PayPal account to confirm the transaction.

How do I place an order?

First, add any items you wish to purchase to your Shopping Basket. You can do this by clicking the  Add to Basket button for the items you wish to add. When you are ready to place an order, click the   Go To Shopping Basket link located on the right side of any page in the WW Shop. After reviewing items in the basket, click the Checkout button at the bottom to begin the checkout process. Please make sure to follow all the steps in the checkout process. If you have a promotional code you will be able to enter the code at the bottom of the checkout page.

When you successfully complete the checkout, you will be directed to an order confirmation page and you will receive order confirmation e-mail.

Please note that we currently accept orders only through the WW Shop. We do not accept orders by phone, fax or email.

How do I use a coupon code?

First, add any items you wish to purchase to your Shopping Basket. You can do this by clicking the  Add to Basket button for the items you wish to add. When you are ready to place an order, click the Go To Shopping Basket link located on the right side of any page in the WW Shop.

In the basket page you will find the Coupon/Coach Code box in the bottom left hand side of the page. You need to enter your valid coupon code here and then click on the Apply Coupon button. As long as what you have added to your basket complies with the terms of use of the coupon code you have entered, this will then apply the associated discount to your order.

What is a Coach code?

All Workshop & Digital (W&D) members are eligible for special offers and promotions using a Coach code. Please speak to your Coach to gain your unique coupon code to be used in the Shop. Enter the code at the checkout to receive the current special offer. Offers and promotions change regularly and are only available while stocks last. Occasionally, we may change the offer or remove the offer completely without prior notice.  Please note the Coach code that you are given will remain unique to your Coach and whilst the offers may change weekly, the code itself should not change. 

What if I am a Workshop & Digital (W&D) or Digital member?

The Coach code is only valid for Workshop & Digital (W&D) members. Digital only members are not eligible.

What if my Coach code doesn't work?

Speak to your Coach to ensure you are using the correct code. Sometimes the letters and numbers can be mistaken for each other, for instance, a '0' may look like an 'O'. The best way to ensure the code is correct is to copy and paste the code into the box at checkout. Please ensure there are no spaces left at the end of the code. If you are unable to copy and paste the code or the code is still not working, please contact your Coach to double-check the exact code to be used.  

Coach code terms and conditions

Coach code valid until the expiry date given unless otherwise stated. No minimum spend threshold. Coach code valid online only (https://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/uk/shop). Not valid by phone. Enter Coach code at checkout. One Coach code per order. No cash alternative or money back. Not valid on prior purchases or exchange products. Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.  

Is VAT included in the price? How do I get a VAT invoice with my receipt?

All prices are shown inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate. Please note, we do not issue VAT invoices with your receipt. However, should you wish to receive a VAT invoice, please contact us at uk.shop@weight-watchers.co.uk.

Is your order process secure?

When you are placing an order on the Internet, your security is our number one priority. Our web site uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, the industry top standard encryption protocol to keep your card information secure.

How can I edit or cancel my order after it has been submitted?

We endeavour to ship items to you quickly, and as a result, after you place an order via the WW Shop, we will not be able to stop your order from being processed. If you are not happy with your order, please follow the instructions as indicated under 'Returns Policy' which is located on the Shop Terms & Conditions  page.


Delivery Options and Rates

If you place your order by 1pm on a Business Day, you should receive your delivery within 2-5 Business Days from the date of order

We are not able to accommodate specific time slot delivery at this time. Please leave additional delivery instructions during the checkout process for where to leave your parcel should you not be available to receive the delivery. WW are not liable for the security of products once delivered.

Business Days: Monday - Friday, excluding Bank Holidays within the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Delivery and handling rates are calculated based on the value of the order being placed. Please refer to the rate charts below for detailed delivery rates.

Standard delivery £3.99

FREE delivery when you spend £25 or over

How do I track my order/check the status of my order?

At the top of the WW Shop page, click on My Account Click on My Orders. From that page, you can view your order history as well as track the status of any current orders.

How do I change my delivery address?

At the top of the WW Shop page, click on My Account. Click on My Address Book. On that page, you can update your Delivery and Billing Address.

Returns Procedure

How do I make a return?

If you decide to return an item, please  follow the instructions on the delivery note sent with your order. For further information on returns and refunds procedures please see Shop Terms & Conditions.

Product Enquiries

How can I purchase food items that are not offered in the shop?

If you do not find the product you are looking for in the WW Shop it may currently be unavailable. We offer only certain WW products to our Online Subscribers.

For information on where to purchase WW Products at retail locations, visit www.weightwatchersfoods.co.uk.

What should I do if my snack bars arrive and they are melted?

Please note that in warmer weather there is some risk that any products with chocolate may arrive melted. Unfortunately we cannot control the temperature and conditions the bars are exposed to once they leave our distribution centre. These items should return to their normal state if they are allowed to cool or are placed in the fridge. We do not consider these items to be damaged or defective, and the returns policy, as detailed in the Shop Terms & Conditions (located on every page in the WW Shop) does not apply to them.

Can I purchase snacks in smaller/in different pre-packages?

The food products in the WW Shop are only available in the pre-packaged varieties that we offer and cannot be "swapped" for different flavours or broken down into smaller quantities.

Why are you limiting the quantity of an item I want to purchase?

We sell and deliver Shop Products to end user customers for personal use only and such items are not for resale. Therefore, we limit quantities on particular items that can be purchased through the WW Shop.

What happens if an item is out of stock?

When an item is out of stock, we do not offer timetables for availability as we cannot guarantee the delivery date of product into our Distribution Centre. Please check back regularly and when this item becomes available you will be able to add it to your shopping basket.

The Personal Points Plan

What is the PersonalPoints programme?

Our latest programme. PersonalPoints TM , brings together three groundbreaking innovations to provide a truly personalised path to weight loss. And “personalised” isn’t just a buzzword - It’s scientifically proven that individualised approaches lead to greater engagement, and greater weight loss, than a one-size-fits-all approach 

  • Personalised ZeroPoint™ foods lists:. Now your personal preferences (along with our weight-loss expertise) come together to create your unique food plan! You tell us the foods you love and can’t live without and we build a science-based plan that helps you stay full and feel satisfied while losing weight. 
  • An algorithm that makes healthy choices even simpler: We’re crunching even more nutritional data, so now foods with fibre (to help you stay full) and better-for-you fats are lower in Points® than before. 
  • New motivation: You can grow your Budget by building certain healthy habits that will help you reach your goals. 

When will the PersonalPoints values of our products be available from?

You'll see this change happen on the WW app and through our WW online Shop from the 8th November, with the change to packaging following on from the 8th as products begin to switch over.  For a few months you may continue to see packaging with SmartPoints as the new packaging with PersonalPoints flows through.

You'll be able to tell what your own PersonalPoints for that particular WW food are by scanning the barcode and viewing your PersonalPoints in the WW App, before quickly and easily tracking them.

Are any products changing in SmartPoints / PersonalPoints?

Most of the WW food new PersonalPoints values will stay the same as the old WW food SmartPoints values - however, there are some minimal fluctuations due to a WW products' nutritional information or formulation.  Where WW products were increasing in PersonalPoints we have looked to redevelop or reformulate to minimise this wherever possible.  And, there are also some WW products that are now lower in PersonalPoints than SmartPoints. In total,  9 products in our WW range are increasing and 13 are decreasing.

You'll be able to tell what your own PersonalPoints for that particular WW food are by scanning the barcode and viewing your PersonalPoints in the WW App, before quickly and easily tracking them.

Have any products changed recipe? 

The recipes of a small number of WW products have been adjusted, which has resulted in some changes to allergens, nutrition values and ingredients.  Please check the packaging carefully when you receive products to make sure it still meets your needs.

Why do some WW products show a range of PersonalPoints?

Remembering that everyone has their own unique ZeroPoint foods list, the PersonalPoints for a food or recipe can vary from person to person.  

For example, if a recipe or food included 3 possible ZeroPoint food categories (eggs, poultry, non-starchy veggies) and your ZeroPoint list included those, your individual PersonalPoints value would likely be the lowest end of the range. If your ZeroPoint list did not include any of those categories, it would likely be on the highest end of the range. And if you had 1 or 2 of those categories, it would fall somewhere in the middle.  You'll be able to tell what your own PersonalPoints for that particular food are by scanning the barcode and viewing your PersonalPoints in the WW App, before quickly and easily tracking them.

How does this work for  WW Cookbooks? 

Recipes in our new WW Cookbooks will also display a range of PersonalPoints.  

Each recipe will have a scan and track QR code which you can scan to view the PersonalPoints in your WW App.   All you need to do is simply open the camera on your smartphone and hover the device over the QR code to track the recipe.

For older versions of WW Cookbooks, you will be able to access the new PersonalPoints range values, either directly in your app when typing in the recipe, or via the Recipe Conversion Charts PDF found here - alternatively you can find the conversion charts listed on the product pages relative to the book you're seeking out.

What if I do not have a smartphone?

You can access the PersonalPoints Programme via smartphone, smart device (tablet, iPad) or computer (laptop, desktop) at ww.com. While you can certainly have success on the PersonalPoints Programme from any device,  we truly recommend downloading the WW app. You’re going to want it so that you can experience all of the amazing features PersonalPoints has to offer.

Personal Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

What is Personal Coaching?

Personal Coaching is a premium experience, conducted via Zoom, where the member engages in a 1:1 coaching conversation around the WW Programme with an experienced WW Coach. The sessions are designed to support members to explore, learn from and identify strategies to adapt their behaviours to achieve their goals. 

How long are the sessions?

Your first Personal Coaching session is an introductory session, will last for 30 minutes and will set up your needs and goals. All follow up sessions are 15 minutes-long.  However, if you feel like you need a longer session you can arrange two sessions back-back to make it 30 minutes, as long as you book this in advance. Please note that only the 'Personal Coaching Starter Pack' includes the 30 minute introductory session, so please ensure that you have purchased this package to avail of this. 

How do I purchase Personal Coaching?

Head over to the WW shop where you can select from a variety of Personal Coaching packs - the difference being how many sessions are included in each pack. We recommend you buy a starter pack as this includes the first 30 minute introductory session. https://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/uk/shop/personal-coaching-sessions

How much does Personal Coaching cost?

The starter pack and four-session pack are £59.99 each. The eight-session pack is £104.99. We also offer a single pack as a taster or a top up at £19.99.

Where do I go to book a session?

You’ll find all the instructions you need on the WW website using this link https://www.weightwatchers.com/uk/personal-coaching There’s a  step-by-step guide and also a handy video with instructions on how to book. But to sum this process up, you will need to simply purchase your preferred pack of sessions, then once you have placed your order, you will receive an order confirmation email from the WW Shop. Take note of your Order Confirmation number, then call our dedicated Personal Coaching booking line on 0345 646 1072 to start booking in your sessions. 

How soon can I have my first session?

You can call customer service ( 0345 646 1072) to book your first session as soon as you have purchased your pack. All sessions need to have 24 hours advance booking notice, so you'll be able to start your first session 24 hours after making the call depending on coach availability.

Can I book all of my sessions from a four or eight-session pack in one go?

You can  book your Personal Coaching sessions up to one month in advance. However your coach can also book your next session at the end of your Personal Coaching call.

How do I choose my Coach?

On the WW Shop and website we have profiles of the Coaches who are able to offer Personal Coaching. The information in the profiles is designed to help you get to know more about the Coaches and select the one that best suits your needs and can help you achieve your goals. 

Can I change my Coach?

Yes, you can change your coach at any stage throughout your Personal Coaching journey.

What do I need to do if I need to cancel a session?

You should email your Coach to cancel a Personal Coaching session. You need to give more than 24 hours notice to be able to re-arrange that particular session. Unfortunately if you give less than 24 hours notice you won’t be able to rebook that session, however you can use the next session from your pack if available.

What if I forget about a session and miss it?

That session will be lost. You can contact your Coach to book the next session out of your pack if available.

Am I able to contact my Personal Coach directly?

You can email your Personal Coach to cancel/rearrange sessions, however they will not be able to respond to any other queries via email

Do I still need to attend my virtual/studio workshop?

If you are an Unlimited Workshop and Digital member or a D360 member, it's important that you continue to attend any workshops or live sessions that you normally would. These cover different information, tips and techniques to your Personal Coaching session and are a valuable component of your WW journey.

Do the Personal Coaching sessions have an expiry date?

All packs/sessions expire three months after the purchase date if they have not been booked

Can I give my sessions to another WW member to use?

No, Personal Coaching cannot be transferred between members

Can I book a longer session than 15 minutes?

Yes. You can use two of your 15 min sessions and create a 30 min session if you require. Just let your Coach know as you book your next session. 

Can I get a refund on my Personal Coaching packs?

All packs are refundable up to 14 days after purchase, providing a session hasn't been used.

What happens if I cancel my WW membership and I still have Personal Coaching sessions left?

You ‘re still able to have your Personal Coaching sessions if you cancel your membership. Once all of your sessions have been used, you’ll not be able to purchase any additional sessions until you become a WW member.

I'm currently a WW member through the Diabetes Prevention Programme or an Adult Weight Management referral, am I able to purchase Personal coaching?

Yes you are able to purchase Personal coaching, however everything you need to have to either lose weight or reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, is already provided free of charge at your current point of access. You would be responsible for paying the additional cost  of Personal coaching.

Can you explain in more detail what Coaching is?

Coaching is building a member’s self-efficacy and confidence in your own ability.

To provide the opportunity for you to understand your strengths as well as your challenges.

Also to help you  bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Coaching is predominantly future-focussed, but drawing on the learning of past experiences, with an emphasis on action, accountability and follow-through.

Coaching isn’t therapy or counseling, mentoring or training.