WW Protein Value Bundle, includes 3 of each Chocolate, Mint and Raspberry Protein Bars, 1 x Wraps, 1 x Chickpeas, 1 x Fava Beans, 1 x Lentil Spaghetti, 3 x Protein Crackers

Protein Value Bundle

A bundle of your favourite protein products. See the contents below.
SKU: 403539

Why we love it

Our favourite products that are high in protein.

The Highlights


  • 3 x Chocolate Protein Crunch Bars
  • 3 x Mint Protein Crunch Bars
  • 3 x Raspberry Protein Crunch Bars
  • 1 x Protein Wraps 
  • 1 x Salt & Vinegar Chickpeas Box
  • 1 x Salted Fava Beans Box
  • 1 x Lentil Spaghetti Box
  • 3 x Protein Cheese & Chive Cracker Packs

Please refer to the individual products for ingredients and allergens.

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