Pack up a ProPoints plan friendly picnic

Summer days need to be savoured – so seize the moment and head for the great outdoors with our portable ProPoints plan friendly picnic ideas.
Keep it simple
Great picnics don't need to be planned like a military operation; you simply need to know that the weather is clear. Sandwiches, wraps and rolls are standard picnic fare – and fillings that stay put are a good idea. Use Recipe Builder to work out the ProPoints values of some of these suggestions.

  • Chopped egg mixed with low fat soft cheese, a pinch of paprika and chopped watercress.
  • Roast chicken or turkey pieces mixed with low fat plain yogurt, a little curry powder, a few sultanas and chopped coriander.
  • Roast Mediterranean vegetables with a spoonful of pesto sauce and a few basil leaves.
  • Roast beef topped with a mixture of grated beetroot, low fat soft cheese and horseradish sauce to give it a kick.
  • Roast beef topped with a mixture of grated beetroot, low fat soft cheese and horseradish sauce to give it a kick.

Wrap them individually so that they are easy to hand out and you can keep an eye on the portion size.

Try making a frittata – which is like quiche without the pastry, so lower in ProPoints values. Set with eggs, you can transport it to your picnic in the baking dish and cut it up on site.

Top Picnic Tip
If you are taking your own drinks, three-quarter fill individual bottles with juice, sugar free squash or water, then freeze them. Then they can act as useful ice packs to keep your food cool – and you can drink them as they thaw. Very clever!

Keep it tasty
Dips and dunks make great picnic food. Pack lots of fresh zero ProPoints value vegetable crudités to nibble on, with a tasty dip to share. Equal amounts of low fat yogurt beaten with low fat soft cheese makes a great base, then add chopped fresh herbs such as chives, parsley, marjoram or lemon thyme – or a mixture of all of them. Or try finely chopped red chilli with finely chopped cucumber and fresh coriander for something with a hit.

Layer it up
Layered salads are a terrific idea for picnic food as you can add plenty of Filling & Healthy foods. They are quick to assemble and you can make individual ones to cater for different likes and dislikes. Make them in medium-sized plastic pudding bowls with tight-fitting lids, so that when you get to your picnic, all you have to do is up-turn them onto a plate:

  • First, put in your base – choose from skinless roast chicken, wafer-thin ham, drained tuna chunks in brine or water or cottage cheese.
  • Next, top with a mixed bean salad made with cannellini beans, red kidney or borlotti beans, mixed with cooked green beans, sweetcorn, red onion, chopped tomatoes and chopped cucumber, with chopped fresh chives or parsley.
  • Finally, pack in some salad leaves – such as rocket, spinach or watercress.
  • Make a dressing with lemon juice whisked with mustard and a little olive oil, seasoned with salt and pepper. Sprinkle over the salads, then seal them.
  • Just serve with ripped-up French bread or pittas. Perfect!

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