Celebrate non-scale victories

Weight loss isn’t all about the scales. Remember to celebrate the non-scale victories, alongside the more obvious number-related achievements.
Non-Scale Victories

Feel free to have a little celebration, whenever:
  • You stay on track for a whole week
  • Your waistbands are feeling looser
  • You try a Filling & Healthy day
  • You can fasten your belt a notch tighter
  • You try out some new Weight Watchers recipes
  • You try out some new Filling & Healthy foods
  • You drop a dress size
  • The body measurements you've been tracking in Weight Tracker have all gone down
  • You try out a new activity or sport
  • You feel more energised
  • You can almost get back into your favourite pair of jeans
  • You realise you’ve increased your fitness levels
  • You find the confidence to go out and meet some new people or make new friends on the message boards
  • You manage to do something new, which low confidence levels previously made impossible
  • You pluck up the courage to learn a new skill
  • You discover a new hobby
  • You feel more confident

If you have a frenetic job or feel you’re constantly on the go… celebrate a small success and reward yourself by going out somewhere special for lunch, where you know you can make informed choices to stay on track. Or give yourself a breather by heading to the coast or an area of natural beauty to relax and take stock of what you’ve achieved and where you’re going next.

If you’re a busy mum or feel swamped by family responsibilities… Take some time out and go for a walk, to the cinema, or treat yourself to a new haircut or a trip to somewhere new - visit a museum or art gallery.

Whatever your circumstances, consider doing something involving some good, old-fashioned fun… Take up dancing or ice-skating, or even visit a theme park, whatever your age! After all, the more you enjoy your non-scale successes, the more you’ll want to continue on the journey towards weight loss success. And the more motivated you remain, the more likely it is your scales victories will follow too.

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