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We want to support you to move more, wherever you’re starting from. And now you can easily sync your fitness device to our activity tracker.

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For successful weight loss it's really important to be less sedentary and more active1. Doing so helps you improve your health, burn more calories, boost your weight loss and earn activity ProPoints values. You can swap these like for like with food ProPoints values. Just remember if you'd like to use them do so within the week, or lose them!

NEW! Fitness devices

If you already have a fitness device 2 – a device you wear that calculates your movement throughout the day – why not get it to sync-up with your Weight Watchers account so you can convert your daily activity into activity ProPoints values?

You won’t start earning activity ProPoints values until you’ve hit a certain level of activity for the day (this depends on your weight and stride length), so being less sedentary, as well as being active, can really help you get there. Syncing your fitness device to the Weight Watchers activity tracker makes it super easy to track your activity ProPointsvalues and helps keep you motivated too.

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Activity tips

If you’re not very active right now, start tweaking your current routine to fit in some daily movement, because being active doesn’t mean you have to run 10k or slog away in the gym for hours – unless you love that kind of thing and have built up to it! Even if you are pretty active, making these small changes to your routine will not only help you achieve your weight goals, it’ll also help you stay there.

Activity ProPoints values

You can put activity ProPoints values towards extra treats and eats or just save them up and see how your activity levels are helping to improve your weight and shape. Spend them within the week you earn them (between weigh-ins) or you lose them.

When should I be more active?

1 Before starting an exercise programme, please consult your doctor.

2 To find out which devices you can sync to your Weight Watchers account, head to account settings.