A guide to the Weight Watchers Pedometer

Make every step count with the unique Weight Watchers pedometer. This handy device tracks your steps and can work out how many activity ProPoints you earn from moving move. Learn more from our guide.
A guide to the Weight Watchers Pedometer

Getting started with the Weight Watchers Pedometer
The pedometer is easy to activate and comes with a step by step guide on how to set it up. As soon as you remove the protective battery tab you will be guided to the settings where you can update the time, date, your height, gender and age – all of which are used to calculate your average stride. As soon as this is done the pedometer will count every step you take.

Top tip - set up your pedometer on the first day of your Weight Watchers week. This makes it easy to track of how many activity ProPoints you’ve earned – ideal if you choose to swap them, like for like, for food or drink ProPoints values.

Make it a ROUNTINE - Wear a pedometer all day, every day.

When and where to wear the Weight Watchers Pedometer
The pedometer comes with a clip that fastens easily to a waist band and a cord if you would like to wear it round your neck. It can also be worn in a pocket or even in a bra!

Top tip – wearing your pedometer every day is a great way to track how many activity ProPoints you’ve earned from daily movement. Leave your pedometer in the same place each night so that it's easy to find and put on every morning.

Day and Active Modes
You must reach the ‘Earning Status’ before you earn 1 activity ProPoints value. You will know when you’ve reached this as an ‘EARNING’ icon will appear on the screen and a tall bar (the progress bar) on the left hand side of the screen will be visible. Each time you earn 1 activity ProPoints value the pedometer will beep and the progress bar on the left of the screen will clear and begin to fill up as soon as you continue to walk.

Top tip – The default setting is day mode, which counts down steps to earning activity ProPoints values from everyday walking. There is also an ‘Active’ setting which allows you to track activity ProPoints you’ve earned from structured runs, cycles or aerobics. In this setting you can change the intensity, too – refer to your Pocket Guide on how to judge the intensity of your activity.

Review and Stop Watch
The pedometer also tracks distance, activity time and activity ProPoints values earned over 7 days. The stop watch makes a great tool for when you wish to monitor how long you’ve been walking or active for.

Top tip – monitor your progress by scrolling along to ‘Review’ to see how many steps you’ve taken and activity ProPoints you’ve earned in one or several days.

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